Clearly you know the right people.  We are excited to have you join the Thanksgiving Point Member family.  Please fill out this form with your information as well as that of the current member who referred you.  Once this form is complete, you will be taken to the page to purchase your new membership. 

Please do not fill out this form until you are ready to purchase your new membership.  If you need details about the membership program, please click here or contact us at (801) 768-7478 before filling out this form.  

Your membership welcome letter as well as your $25 gift card will be mailed to you within 7-10 days.  The lucky member who referred you will also be sent their $25 gift card within 7-10 days.  One last thing . . . now you are in the know, let others know about this promotion as well.  Each new member you refer before July 31st will earn you another $25 gift card.  No limit!  Welcome to the family.

*Offer good through July 31, 2020.  Thanksgiving Point team members are not eligible. Does not apply to gift memberships. Gift card may not be applied to initial membership purchase. Referring individual must have an active membership. Gift cards are to be treated as cash and cannot be replaced. Members are eligible to make unlimited referrals during this campaign.

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