Summer Day Camps

Camps take place across Thanksgiving Point 

June-August 2020

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Summer Day Camps and COVID-19

We understand that many families likely have concerns about Summer Day Camps and how they are effected by COVID-19. While the Coronavirus poses no immediate concern for summer programs, we have communicable-disease control plans in place that can be revised in cooperation with public health authorities as additional guidance is provided. We will continue to make new updates as new information becomes available.


Some of our current strategies for preventing the spread of communicable disease and illness including COVID-19 include:

  • Building a camp culture that takes health and hygiene seriously and keeps the precautions on the front of the minds of campers and staff. 
  • Modeling and enforcing appropriate sneezing and coughing behavior. Coughing into the elbow and shoulder, not into hands or open air. 
  • Implementing extra spacing precautions. Games, activities, and snack/lunch times of camp will be adjusted to ensure spacial distance between campers to minimize the chance of spreading disease via breathing or touching. 
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing. All camp guides carry small hand sanitizer containers. Campers can win prizes for demonstrating adequate hand washing as a part of camp activities. 
  • Pre-camp screenings.* We will ask that campers with any illness please stay home, as well as participants who have been exposed to a person who is suspected to have contracted coronavirus or if the camper has traveled out of the state within two weeks of the start of camp. 

There are many fun and engaging ways to teach children about preventing the spread of germs. We will implement games, songs, and hands-on (or hands-off) activities that will reinforce behavior which can minimize the spread of contagious disease. 

We will continue to make updates as the time continues. Check here for the most up to date information about Summer Day Camps.

*Screening requirements are subject to change based on CDC recommendations. Participants who fail to meet requirements will receive a refund.



Summer at Thanksgiving Point means there is no chance for the summertime blues! This year we have more summer camp classes and variety than ever before. Let your child explore space, try their hand at paleontology, program a Lego robot, explore insects, learn the science behind the food we eat, go on a dinosaur discovery, and so much more!

During our summer camps there really is something for every child in your household. Preschoolers can come and join in the fun with classes on everything from dinosaurs to music while elementary-aged kids can participate in day or weeklong camps. There are even classes geared toward middle school and high school kids to surely stimulate and engage their minds during the summer.

Thanksgiving Point Members get exclusive Summer Day Camp registration during our Members-only pre-sale from March 1st-7th, as well as a 10% discount all season long.

Remember, class sizes are limited and popular classes fill up quickly, so don't delay. See our FAQs below for more questions and answers! 

Class Offerings

Thanksgiving Point is committed to creating a positive experience for all children. New this year, we have a professional inclusion support team who can provide varying levels of assistance to children, based on the camper's need and the inclusion team's availability. Please call Max Whitson, Summer Camp Coordinator (801.768.4994) to learn more or to request support.

After Camp Connections
For children and youth of all ages who attend Thanksgiving Point Summer Camps. Offered daily, from 3:00-5:30pm. Professional staff in our Learning and Engagement department make connections from the camp day to the experiences in the Museum of Natural Curiosity. They will facilitate child-led play and exploration, games and activities, and learning through child-led inquiry. Each session is $22 per child per day.


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Preschool Single Day Camps are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays Thursdays, and Fridays. Camps are geared toward ages 3-5 and run 9:30 am - 12 noon. Each session is $35. Participants must be able to use the bathroom independently.






Day at the Dinosaur Stomp
Come learn all about paleontology and the fascinating world of dinosaur fossils! Dig up fossils, learn about making casts, and even assemble your own dinosaur skeleton.

July 13: 9:30 am - SOLD OUT
July 14: 9:30 am - SOLD OUT
July 15: 9:30 am - SOLD OUT
July 16: 9:30 am
July 17: 9:30 am


Budding Artists
Let's make art! We will find out how we can use nature to make art and find our own creative flair. We will gain experience using mediums other than traditional pencils and paints to represent the natural world around us.

July 20: 9:30 am
July 21: 9:30 am
July 22: 9:30 am


Count the Beat
Listen to the sounds of math. Get the whole body involved while learning important math concepts such as patterns, shapes, counting, numbers, and measurement through the joys of music and movement.

July 27: 9:30 am
July 28: 9:30 am
July 29: 9:30 am


Farm Friends
Moo! Baa! Neigh! Spend a day at the farm getting to know some farm animal friends. Get up close and personal with cows, goats, chickens and more as we learn all about life on the farm.

August 3: 9:30 am
August 4: 9:30 am
August 5: 9:30 am
August 6: 9:30 am
August 7: 9:30 am


Castles & Catapults
Venture back to the Middle Ages in a quest for knighthood. Step into the role of a knight as we fight dragons, defend castles, construct catapults and go on a daring adventure.

August 10: 9:30 am
August 11: 9:30 am - SOLD OUT
August 12: 9:30 am
August 13: 9:30 am
August 14: 9:30 am


Space Paint
Get excited about the wonders of outer space through arts, crafts, games, and play! Participate together in Nebula art, solar stories, and imaginary astronautics!

August 17: 9:30 am - SOLD OUT
August 18: 9:30 am - SOLD OUT
August 19: 9:30 am
August 20: 9:30 am
August 21: 9:30 am


Pirates Ahoy!
Arghhh Matey! Do you have what it takes to be a pirate? Learn to navigate the salty seas as we hunt for hidden treasure.

August 24: 9:30 am 
August 25: 9:30 am - SOLD OUT
August 26: 9:30 am
August 27: 9:30 am
August 28: 9:30 am



Class Details and Policies:

  • Each Session consists of 6 classes
  • Children must be ages 3 to 5 years old. No exceptions
  • $175 per child/ 10% off with Member Discount
  • Ticket is for one child
  • Class runs on Thursdays from 9:30 am-12 noon
  • No Make-ups for missed classes/ Non-refundable/ Non-Transferable
  • Max Class Capacity- 12 students
  • Child must be able to use the bathroom independently.

Outdoor Adventures (Museum of Natural Curiosity)
July 9, 16, 23, 30, Aug 6, 13
Discover the natural world using all your senses as you dissect plants, identify animal tracks, and build your own campsite. This new six-week summer session gives children the opportunity to leap into nature as they explore the insects, plants, animals, and landscapes of our own backyard


For children entering kindergarten or first grade in the fall of 2020. Camps are offered in the mornings (9 am-12 noon) and the afternoons (12:30-3:30 pm). Participants may enroll in both AM and PM camps of the same day/week, staying from 9:00 to 3:30, with complimentary in-between care by our professional staff. Each Session is $35.



Say Cheese
Campers will learn about colors, shapes, patterns, and reflections while learning how to use a camera. Campers will explore creativity in multiple ways and have the chance to take photos. They will practice many kinds of photography from portraits to nature.

July 15: 12:30 pm
July 16: 9 am
July 17: 9 am


Digging Up Dinos
Do you dream of digging up your own dinosaur? Learn about the amazing creatures that used to walk on Earth and how Paleontologists determine what they were like when they were alive.

August 6: 12:30 pm
August 7: 12:30 pm


Pony Party
Gallop over to Farm Country to discover more about how we care for our ponies as we brush, saddle, ride and learn all about our favorite four-legged friends.

July 29: 9 am - SOLD OUT
July 30: 9 am - SOLD OUT


Mini Makers
Campers will work individually and in teams to create exciting projects including a community string- art piece, a 3-D pen creation, and more. Creatively solve real world problems using real tools.

July 17: 12:30 pm


Farmer for a Day
Horses, goats, chickens, and sheep are excited to meet you! Explore Farm Country with up close encounters as we observe the different ways our animals live and grow.

July 29: 12:30 pm
July 30: 12:30 pm
August 12: 9 am
August 13: 9 am


Amazing Ants
Dive into the giant world of tiny ants. Farmers, soldiers, scouts, and the queen work together to support their community. Learn the roles each ant plays in its complex colony.

August 6: 9 am
August 7: 9 am
August 12: 12:30 pm
August 13: 12:30 pm



For children entering kindergarten or first grade in the fall of 2020. Camps are offered in the mornings (9 am-12 noon) and the afternoons (12:30-3:30 pm), Monday - Thursday. Participants may enroll in AM and PM camps of the same day/week, staying from 9:00 to 3:30, with complimentary in-between care by our professional staff. Each session is $125.


Lego Blocks & Robots
Beep. Boop. Combine a new knowledge of basic robotics and Lego-building to create crazy, programmable gadgets from your imagination.

June 22-25: 9 am - SOLD OUT
July 6-9: 12:30 pm - SOLD OUT
July 27-30: 9 am
August 10-13: 12:30 pm


Dinosaur Daze
Have a little paleontologist who is eager for ancient knowledge? Satisfy their appetite through a series of activities conducted in the largest dinosaur museum in this hemisphere.

July 6-9: 9 am - SOLD OUT


Critters and Crawlers
Do you dream of digging up your own dinosaur? Learn about the amazing creatures that used to walk on Earth and how Paleontologists determine what they were like when they were alive.

July 27-30: 12:30 pm


Space Adventure
Join us on a spacewalk through the galaxy as we learn about the solar system, astronauts and space exploration machines

June 29-July 2: 12:30 pm
August 10-13: 9 am


A is for Art
How creative can YOU be? Test your powerful imagination as we discover art mediums and techniques to let loose your inner artist. A is for Art will have campers will exploring, experimenting, observing, and learning with hands-on arts and crafts.

August 3-6: 12:30 pm



Tinker Time
Time to take apart and tinker with toys and tools to tell what makes them tick! Campers use their own hands and eyes to experiment with simple machines, measurements, light, programming.

July 20-23: 9 am


Rangers of the Rainforest
How long is an anaconda? How slow is a sloth? Come imagine and play on a journey through the rainforest to find out more about these amazing animals.

July 20-23: 12:30 pm
August 3-6: 9 am






For children entering 2nd or 3rd grade in the fall of 2020. 2nd-3rd Grade Single Day Camps are offered Fridays from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $55.


Switches & Circuits
Why does the lightbulb turn on when we flip a switch? Come experiment with batteries, snap circuits, LED lights, and more as we learn the basics of electrical circuitry.

July 31: 9 am



Butterfly Bonanza
There are more than 20,000 species of butterflies in the world and they come in all colors and designs. Join us we discover the many wonders of butterflies.

August 7: 9 am





For children entering 2nd or 3rd grade in the fall of 2020. 2nd-3rd Grade Week Long Camps are four-day camps that run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $175.


Boom Pop Fizz
Campers become super scientists this week as they conduct dozens of experiments! They will learn about the scientific process, cause and effect, weather, observations, and more!

June 22-25 - SOLD OUT
August 10-13




Jr. Entomologist
Do you love bugs? We do too! Explore the life of an entomologist as we observe, learn and protect the fascinating critter world!

July 20-23


Robots Reimagined (with Lego)
Do you love robots and Legos? Learn what makes robots tick and play with some of the amazing robots that are available now. The only limit is your imagination as you design and program a robot out of Lego WeDo kits.

July 20-23
August 3-6




Discovering Dinosaurs
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a paleontologist? Learn day by day the process that paleontologists go through when they study dinosaurs. Find out what makes dinosaurs special, learn how scientists dig up dinosaurs and put them together, and try to interpret the results for yourself!

July 20-23
July 27-30


Designers & Engineers
Campers will learn problem solving, team building, and critical thinking skills as they design and create an invention from the bottom up. Exploring the different types of engineering, they will learn how they can make the world a better place. We will work as a team using different learning styles so every child can see their place in the engineering world!

July 27-30
August 10-13


Outdoor Skills
Be ready to take the lead on your next outdoor trip. Gain the skills to be successful in your adventures; try your hand at knots, shelter building, water purification, outdoor cooking and more.

August 3-6






For children entering 4th or 5th grade in the fall of 2020. 4th-5th Grade Single Day Camps are offered Fridays from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $55. 



Insect Investigations
Insects make up more than half of all described organisms, they’re all around us, and many are extremely important to our lives. In Insect Investigations, campers will learn what makes a bug a bug, and how real entomologists catch and study them. We will observe, handle, catch, research invertebrates, and discuss how to study and conserve them in our own backyards.

July 17: 9 am


Stop Motion Animation
Use clay, Legos, or whatever materials and props you choose in a stop motion video creating that you write, design, produce and record.

July 17: 9 am - SOLD OUT


Play, Write, and Act Out
Have a born star in the family? A writer perhaps? Or simply a social butterfly? Then have them sign up for Play, Write, Act Out, a unique experience in which your child will learn the creative process of play and screenwriting from paper to performance.

August 7: 9 am


World Music
Travel the world with us as we explore the instruments, rhythms, and music of different cultures.

August 14: 9 am



For children entering 4th or 5th grade in the fall of 2020. 4th-5th Grade Week Long Camps are four-day camps that run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $200.



Amazing Utah
Arches and canyons, high mountains and low deserts, and the grand staircase; these are some of Utah’s geological wonders. How did it all get here? What amazing creatures are hidden in these places? How can we learn, explore and protect these unique and amazing ecosystems?

July 27-30


Making of Video Games
Do you love video games? Ever wonder how video games are made? Explore the history of the video game industry and design games using simple programming tools.

July 13-16
July 20-23


Design Challenge
Get your gears turning as you collaborate to create solutions to a series of engineering design challenges! Design and build tools to solve real world problems like a bridge, an earthquake-proof structure, or maybe a brand-new invention.

August 3-6 - SOLD OUT


Come look closer at the little things that make up a whole. This camp will focus on pixel arts in different mediums from mosaics to photography. We can't wait to see the fun things you will create.

August 10-13






For children entering 6th or 7th grade in the fall of 2020. 6th-7th Grade Single Day camps are offered Fridays from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $65. 


Biofuels of the Future
Corn powered cars, poop power plants, and French fry fueled homes: these are technologies of today.  Come explore and create the biofuel technologies of tomorrow!

July 31: 9am



Urban Masterpieces
Public art is all around us, provoking thoughts, emotions and imagination. Come express yourself by making art with some usual and not-so-usual materials!

July 17: 9 am


Plant Partners
Join us at Ashton Garden’s Learning Garden for a day of STEM based learning in Plant and Agricultural Science. Conduct experiments to see how plants respirate and absorb water. Use real tools to explore soil composition and health. Learn garden techniques and knowledge from a Master Gardener.

August 7: 9 am


Ant Adventures
Besides humans, leafcutter ants have the most complex societies of any animal on earth Using hands-on activities, campers will learn about some of the strategies that leafcutter ants use to maintain their massive colonies. We will play co-operative games to demonstrate ant innovations like agriculture, task-partitioning, and communication - and how humans and ants are more alike than you may think.

August 14: 9 am



For children entering 6th or 7th grade in the fall of 2020. 6th-7th Grade Multi-Day camps run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00am-3:00pm. Each session is $225. 



Media Creators
Become media creators, equipped with the fundamentals of photography and the essentials of videography. Create a portfolio showcasing your new skills and personal style. Learn concepts ranging from the science behind the lenses of a camera to lighting, framing, and editing to create a finished product.

July 20-23


Chem Careers
From plants to plastics, from farms to pharmacies, experiment with chemistry as the foundation of most of our modern technologies and many future sustainability solutions.

August 3-6




For youth entering 8th or up to 12th grade in the fall of 2020. Camps are offered week-long, half-day Monday through Friday, 9 am - 12 noon. Each session costs $150.


Through the Lens
This is a camp for budding and advanced photographers alike. Campers will try their hand at three different types of photography and explore some of the many things Photoshop has to offer.

August 3- 7


Visit a whale underwater, ride roller coasters, and view worlds you've created in 3D space without leaving your seat. Virtual and Augmented Reality are two technologies that are expanding the possibilities of entertainment, gaming, experiences, and therapies. Come learn how to take 360ᵒ video, create virtual scenes and add Augmented Reality to the real world.

July 27-31




NEW THIS YEAR. For youth with autism, ages 13 to 18. Camps are offered week-long, half day (Monday through Friday, 9am - 12 noon). Each session costs $150.


Autism Adventure
The adventure education process has a unique ability to develop increased social awareness and connection in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The seven stages of adventure are name games, deinhibitizers, communication, problem solving, trust, low ropes, and high ropes elements. Children with ASD along with their peers will be taken through these seven stages and be guided to expand their current social understanding and aptitude. Participants must be verbal, and must be able to use the restroom independently.

July 27-31

Join us for a great week of golf for kids of all skill levels, ages 6-15. Camps run Monday-Thursday, 10:00am-Noon. Each session costs $150.

Campers will be able to learn and sharpen their skills with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of iron play, driving, chipping, putting, rules & etiquette. We will also be focusing on fitness, STEM of Golf, and core values learned through playing the game. Each camp will be hosted by Class A PGA Director Tele Wightman and his trained team. Don't hesitate, get them registered today because spots fill up fast!

June 15-18 - SOLD OUT
July 13-16 - SOLD OUT
August 3-6



You will receive a confirmation email a week before your camp is scheduled to begin specifying which of the locations to drop-off/pick-up your child

Preschool campers are dropped off and picked up directly at their designated venue as specified in confirmation emails. 

For any questions please email or call 801-768-4971


  • Water bottle
  • Shoes to run in (flip-flops are not recommended)
  • Weather appropriate clothes to explore and play in.
  • Sunscreen – already applied!
  • Thanksgiving Point Institute does not issue refunds for Summer Day Camp registration.
  • Transfers are permitted up to 1 business day or 24 hours in advance with a $10.00 fee based on availability and any cost difference between camps.

  • Substitutions – a neighbor, cousin, sibling, etc. - are accepted up to first day of camp.

  • If a camp is cancelled by Thanksgiving Point Institute due to low enrollment, all fees will be refunded.

  • Online
  • Over the phone – (801) 768-4971
  • In person at the Museum of Ancient Life, 2nd floor, Design and Programming office

Camp curriculum and lesson plans are geared toward the grade your child will be entering into in the Fall of 2020. If you have an older and a younger child you would like to be in the same camp we do allow older children to attend camps one grade lower.

Registration closes one week prior to the beginning of camp.

If the class you want is sold out, please call (801) 768-4971 to be added to a waitlist.

Camp sessions vary in price depending on grade, length of day, and days per week. Please check individual camp listings for price information.


  • Lunch is provided for all full-day camps and snacks are provided for all camps.
  • If your child has an allergy, please make sure your medical form is up to date and any allergies are clearly communicated to staff. Depending on the allergy and severity, it may be best to bring a lunch from home.

Our camps promote independent learning and socialization opportunities for your child. If you feel your child is unable to remain in camp without you, it may be best to wait a year before you send them to camp.

Depending on which camp you choose your child could be making and programming a Lego EV3 robot, painting with watercolors in the gardens, catching polliwogs and toads to make observations, collecting insects and plants to research, using software to design and 3D print jewelry, or feeding goats and sheep to learn about adaptations.

All of our campers come home with parent letters with additional resources – websites, books, experiments, and activities – to continue the fun all summer long!

View the 2020 Summer Day Camp wavier HERE

Special thanks to STEM Action Center of Utah for their support of Summer Day Camps at Thanksgiving Point.

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